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Moreno Lopez: Artisitic Wedding Destination Photographer in Yucatan, Mexico
Unforgettable Weddings Photography
An Interview with Moreno Lopez
Professional Wedding Destination Photographer in Yucatan, Mexico


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Creative Photography & Style
Moreno Lopez is a young professional wedding destination photographer in Yucatan, Mexico, with a creative style and artistic freedom; In her wedding photographs as well as in her portraits, she captures the emotion and the expressive nature of the human heart.  "My favorite photo-takes are free and spontaneous, capturing the emotion energy flow of the moment with my lens," she smiles with sincere delight in her eyes, "that is what I do best."  At 28, she is a dynamic young artist full of energy and an enthusiastic soul; her eager artistic eye awaits to freeze the moments that count in a person's life with her lenses and digital camera: an expression of joy, love, care, thoughtfulness, and other deep inner emotions that highlight life in each of us.  Her instinct to catch a look, touch, or smile in a couple or a family portrait is innate; her photographs, capture with a creative free style, all the magical moments and wonderful emotions a wedding day brings to the bride, groom and family.

Romantic Wedding at Hacienda Chichen, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico Romantic Hacienda Weddings in Yucatan Mexico Exclusive Wedding Destination in Yucatan Mexico

   "Most of my photography is about capturing expressions in my portraits like clips of life frozen in my camera," then with a deep joy in her eyes, she ads: "I flow with the energy of an idea then I let the idea take over the energy of my hands and eyes, I flow with it as well."  I asked what motivates her and with a gentle gesture in her face, she discloses her extraordinary sensitive nature, "I am motivated and inspired by the subtle innuendos of love and passion a couple's body-language can create in a single caress or look.  I observe these subtle moves with my lens and capture them for eternity."  Indeed she does, her  wedding photographs, bride images and couple's portraits are all about spontaneous expression, emotions, feelings, love and union; very professional photograph quality and design, yet so natural and full of life. 

Hacienda Chichen Wedding Destination Packages and  catering services include all the fine details of your wedding, visit them.

" I also enjoy adding a little professional drama as a wedding destination photographer when shootings take place in haciendas, specially at the Hacienda Chichen's weddings, because the ambiance allows me to play with the light, background colors and textures," Moreno Lopez shares, "as a professional wedding destination photographer, I have to know what the couple's desires and style can be captured not only in their body language but also in their choice of settings," she added.  "Some professional wedding photographers do not take the in consideration the lifestyle of the couple, so the wedding photographs say more about the photographer than the couple's nature.  Weddings can be filled with dramatic romantic light and flavor, or gentle and intimate moments with nature, each couple  chooses the ambiance and highlights it with their own energy flow," a good wedding destination photographer should take time to study the couples' intimate innuendos and capture them in its work, rather than showcase its own taste and style to create an image for their own gain and portfolio."

   "I love to watch people in silence, meditate in their expressions and capture their personalities, feelings and nature with my camera." She takes a big breath and continues, "sometime ago, I decided to make my photography interest into a profession, so I enrolled in a variety of photography courses and dedicated a great deal of time creating my own photography style; the courses helped me increase my technical understanding, specially the way digital cameras capture light, which lens achieves what effect, etc."  She pauses and retakes her train of thought, "I observed carefully how natural light flows and touches each leave, stone, garden and face; the light angles create many dramatic effects."

    Looking at her photographs you can almost feel the emotional state of mind of the person portrait.  "Studio photography can be dramatic and fun, but nothing compares with natural light and outdoor settings, that is what I enjoy best.  Indoor portraits can be very formal and fun to shoot' but outdoor ambiances flow with a carefree energy that I enjoy most, outdoor wedding photographs help the couple enjoy the moment, relax in front of my camera and be themselves," she states with a direct look, "Wedding photography can be very sterile and conventional or free and creative.  I rather do the later, find the beauty of the moment, get inspired by the romance" she smiles sincerely and then stays silent, she is captured by a couple of children playing nearby; her eyes wonder and her mind begins to focus on them.

     It is clear she enjoys children, we know that quiet well, we have seen her capture them playing and smiling with a truly mischievous look in their eyes. It is a delight to see Moreno Lopez photograph children, she leaves this external-plane and transports her mind inside each child, fuses with their moves and emotions; then her camera clicks, clicks, clicks... there, she is already back to her work, she smiles at us and says good bye with a single eye contact.  Then she turns and continues her work, or is it her own way of playing and fun? Most likely both.   

Yucatan Haciendas - Hacienda Chichen your most romantic Wedding Destination

     Brides and couples wishing to contract Ms. Moreno Lopez photograph services during their wedding program at Hacienda Chichen can contact her via their travel planner or the hotel's wedding consultant. Ms. M. Lopez donates a percentage of her payment fee to the Maya Foundation In Laakeech Children's Nutrition Program; she also has donated many of the photographs uploaded in Yucatan Adventure's online articles.  Be sure to contact the Hacienda Chichen Wedding Planners to inquiry about their Chichen Itza Wedding Gala Packages and information kit:


Colonial wedding churches Yucatan, Mexico

Yucatan Adventure highly recommends Moreno Lopez as a fine
Yucatan Wedding Destination Photographer and creative artist.

Moreno Lopez Yucatan Wedding Destination Photography has
an artistic essence that reflects the love shared by a bride and groom,
her professional wedding photography prices are low compared with
other Yucatan wedding photographers; plus she commits to capturing
a couples wedding with no time refrains in most cases.

Affordable Wedding Destination Photographer in Yucatan, Mexico is not
easy to come across so do call Moreno Lopez, she will happily help you
 answering all your inquiries and requests.

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